Our ceramic oil lamps are a modern fresh design to an old world classic.  They offer a warm and relaxing glow, creating a soothing well lit atmosphere, making them an excellent center piece on a dinning room table, fireplace mantle or bar area.  These are also a great option for outdoor porches and patios, and can be essential in the occasional power outage.   Our lamps burn cleanly and require very little maintenance.  

These ceramic oil lamps are handmade and assembled in New Jersey.  Consisting of hand made ceramic base, brass burner, and handblown glass chimney.  The lamp burner, wicks and glass chimneys are sourced from quality industry manufacturers.  Replacement parts are available directly from us.

The Argentavis oil lamps are one of a kind, in other words, there are no two alike.  Each lamp for sale below is listed with pictures of the actual lamp that you will receive.  Please check back regularly for current inventory with new colors and designs.

Ceramic Oil Lamps In Stock


For the best performance of your Argentavis oil lamp follow these simple suggestions:

  1. Place the glass chimney on the burner and make any adjustments to the prongs.  You will need a nice snug fit on the chimney, not too tight.  NOTE: it is best to make these first adjustments BEFORE filling the lamp with oil.
  2. Remove the chimney and the burner.  To remove the burner, firmly hold the burner with one hand while turning the lamp base clockwise until the burner is completely unscrewed.  
  3. Fill the lamp base with standard lamp oil or kerosene.  These can be easily purchased at local hardware or supply stores.
  4. Return the burner by holding the base on a firm surface with one hand and slowly screw the burner clockwise.  Allow at least 15 minutes for the wick to saturate with oil.  
  5. Light the lamp with the wick just high enough to hold the flame.  Replace the chimney, being careful to keep the chimney glass out of the direct flame.  If the chimney gets smoky the wick is turned up too high.
  6. If it is necessary to turn up the wick frequently to maintain brightness, the lamp is low on fuel.  If the wick becomes uneven, trim with scissors.  Replacement burners, wicks, and chimneys may be ordered directly from us.


CAUTION:  Be sure glass is completely cooled before cleaning the lamp chimney or it may shatter.


  • Never leave a burning oil lamp unattended.
  • Only use pure kerosene lamp oil fuel.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


We hope you enjoy many relaxing hours with the warm glow of your ceramic oil lamp.


Below is a list of previously sold lamps.  These lamps are one of a kind and are no longer available.  If there is a lamp that you see and would like to purchase, you are welcome to email us a photo of the lamp you are interested in.  If it is possible to recreate it we will do our very best to do that for you.  In some cases, glazes and lamp parts are no longer available.  Please keep in mind, even if all of the materials are available, there will be variations on the final product that we are trying to recreate for you.