Chris Wilson

Chris began his journey in ceramics at the age of 14, where he studied ceramics all four years of high school and into college. as an adult he has continues to dabble in his love of ceramics. He enjoys traveling abroad learning about other cultures, their craftsmanship techniques, and artistic expressions.

Chris is an avid student of the art of tai chi chuan and an international tai chi Instructor. He has a bachelor’s degree in professional communications. After several life changes, he found his way back to the pottery studio with a focus on making and designing lamps.

His inspiration for pottery comes through form and function. He founded Argentavis Ceramics with a mission to make high quality, affordable, and functional art. Beautiful pieces for your home that will not only be great conversations now, but something you can pass along to the next generation.

What is Argentavis?

Argentavis is one of largest birds ever known to have taken to the skies.  It was an ancient bird with a wing span of around twenty-five feet that was found in the mountains of Argentina.  The full name of the bird is Argentavis Magnificens which means ‘magnificent argentine bird’.  

The wingspan was so large scientists weren’t sure at first how it would even take off without its wings hitting the ground.  They discovered that the enormous bird would jump off the cliffs and ride the thermal winds much like a modern glider.

Imagining the awesomeness of such a bird gliding through the skies and the humility that accompanies it, is the inspiration for Argentavis Ceramics.  Having the same strength and vision to pursue a craft and art is clearly represented in such a magnificent bird.